Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Blog Is Closed~

This blog will be closed until further notice.
Please replace with ~La Rustique Market~ .
Thank You!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Check This Out~

You're probably wondering where I have been...well, I have been trying to catch up on some much needed housework and unpacking from Warrenton.

Go to my other blog ~La Rustique Market~ for all the updates on the antique show.

Easter Blessings~


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gone Junkin'~

I'll be gone for a few weeks to the "Biggest Show on Earth"...that's right, I'll be junkin' in Warrenton/RoundTop at the Antiques Show.
If you go, come check me out at my booth ~La Rustique Market~.
Be back on the 5th of April with lots of photos and goodies to share with you!
Peace, Love and Blessings~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Todays Inspiration~

Todays inspiration comes from one of my most favorite magazines around...Veranda. I absolutely love going over and over the pages of so many enchanting places. I never tire of reviewing the same stories and articles because each time I visit, I see something new.
The following pictures are from the Veranda Jan/Feb 2009 issue.
A wonderful spot to sit and relax and chat with friends~
A dream kitchen~

Beautiful arches~ Stone and granite table~

Another relaxing space to read a book and sip a cup of coffee~I have kept every single copy of Veranda since 1998. You should see the stacks in my closet!
I hope you enjoyed these inspirational places as much as I enjoyed showing them to you.
Wishing you all a wonderful week~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Miss Vintage Bunny~

With the approach of Spring and Easter upon us, I had to share my latest Thrift Store find.
A Vintage Bunny dressed in a tea-stained linen and lace dress.
I fell in love with her the minute I set my eyes on her.
Isn't she precious?

Look at the detail of the dress...the bottom is made of lace~

I know these pictures don't do her justice~Being that her dress is tea-stained, I figure she will be a perfect match with my tea-stained eggs I made last week.

Happy Hunting~


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spring Forward~

Well my friends, once again it's time to turn the hands of time ahead one hour for Daylight Savings.
The only way I could ever remember which way to turn the clock hands was by saying "Fall Back, Spring Forward"....I know it's crazy not being able to remember that!
Here's wishing everyone a delightful day!

Peace and Blessings~


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Inspirational Day~

Since I am busy getting things ready for the Warrenton show in a few weeks, I really don't have much to blog about except that. I don't want to give all my secrets away before the big show, so I wanted to leave you with some photos of things that inspire me.

I cannot take credit for the following pictures, they are a mix of things I have collected from magazines.

In particular the Victoria Jan/Feb 2009 issue.

Lovely bed linens~

White ironstone pitcher filled with flowers~

Beautiful kitchen~

More white ironstone~

Soothing living room~

A lovely vignette~



Have an Inspiring day~


Friday, February 27, 2009

Tea-Stained Eggs~

I was cleaning out the refrigerator today and noticed that our eggs had an expiration date of February 14, 2009....Yikes!! I don't like to use milk past the date much less eggs, so just as I was going to put them in the trash can I thought...What can I do with the shells instead of throwing them out? At first I thought about crushing the shells and using them for a project, then the light bulb turned on and it hit me. With Spring and Easter coming up, the egg shells would look lovely dyed....tea-stained. With all the dried grass and weeds I made the birds nest too.
I surprised myself! Look how adorable they turned out.
This is a no-brainer but I thought I'd share how I accomplished the tea-stained eggs~
All you'll need are some empty egg shells, tea bags, and boiling water~I left my egg shells in the tea for about 25-30 minutes~
You can leave yours more or less, depending on the shade of cream, taupe, or brown you want~

I love the final look of all shades of cream and brown eggs~

Have a Fabulous Friday~



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Fever~

Spring is just around the corner and I can feel a fever coming on, Spring Fever that is. I was in the mood to brighten things up on the front porch today, so I went and bought a tray of these gorgeous Petunias. They were just unloading them from the truck when I got to the store and snatched them up right away. I put them in my wheelbarrow that was empty since the holidays~

As you can see by the following pictures, it's windy as heck at my house~
Just look as the poor ferns getting beat up by the wind~
I hope the Petunias make it past all the wind~

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prayers Needed~

Let's remember Debbie, her daughter Jennifer and baby in our prayers tonight that all will turn out well for them.

Love and Peace~