Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Fever~

Spring is just around the corner and I can feel a fever coming on, Spring Fever that is. I was in the mood to brighten things up on the front porch today, so I went and bought a tray of these gorgeous Petunias. They were just unloading them from the truck when I got to the store and snatched them up right away. I put them in my wheelbarrow that was empty since the holidays~

As you can see by the following pictures, it's windy as heck at my house~
Just look as the poor ferns getting beat up by the wind~
I hope the Petunias make it past all the wind~


unique unique design said...

I love those particular petunias. I hope they don't get beat up by the wind either. They look great in that wheelbarrow.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I like the petunias in the wheelbarrow, too! The ferns look great flanking the bench. ~Mindy

Cher said...

That wheelbarrow full of petunias looks great. But I could kill off every flower in it in just 24 hours!

The Texas Woman