Saturday, February 07, 2009

Decorating Style~

I get most of my inspiration from magazines like Veranda, Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Southern Lady, Romantic Country, Romantic Homes and Victoria, just to name a few. I subscribe to most of them and I also purchase some at a local grocery store.

I have often wondered what my decorating style actually is? I consider my decorating style to be eclectic because I love to mix the old and the new, with an added twist here and there. But there are many styles that I like when it comes to decorating.

For instance, in the Winter months and Christmas I like to decorate my home in a Vintage Elegance style using vintage ornaments and accessories. In the Spring I lean more towards a Romantic Garden style to bring the outdoors in. In the Summer I gravitate to a crisp and cleaner White on White look. Then, for the Fall months things start to change and I prefer the darker colors and more of a Rustic Old World style.

I'm not sure why is it when the seasons change my style changes as well, or does it? When I get to feeling a certain way, I'll move things around to reflect that feeling at that time. I'm always moving the furniture around at least every two to three months. I can't stand to see things in the same spot for a long period of time. Does anyone else do this or am I the only odd one?

I remember when I was young my mother moved the furniture around the house often, you never knew where the sofa and TV were going to be when you got home from school.

Well, I've decided to take a poll to see how many of you actually do stay true to only one style of decorating or if you are like me "unfaithful" to one style.

What is your decorating style? You are welcome to send pictures, I'd love to see your style!

Thanks so much for taking my poll, I'll post the results next week.

Have a fabulous day!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! Nice to see you for the lst time on my blog today. Welcome! I'm glad you like the little music scrolls. Sure, you can use the idea but I wish I could take credit for it. I don't know where I saw it but it just came to me today to roll up the music and viola! I must have been inspired somewhere! I'm glad to "play it forward" so to speak and am always happy when that happens. Sort of what I really hoped my blog would be - inspiring!

My decorating style...romantic eclectic casual hodge podge mishmash of things we love! My tastes are always changing too!

Come back again sometime!
Now...I'll go take a peek at yours!

Blessings! Diane

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa. Thanks for the feel better wish. I do feel some better. The Bengay pads are wonderful. I highly recommend them.

I can totally relate to your mother moving around the furniture. I was and still am the same way. Of course, now when I move things my body feels it the next day so I don't do that as much anymore.

trash talk said...

Cat Daddy never knows where to sit or if there will be anything to sit on when he comes home. He knows I'm "unfaithful" to my stuff(even tho he hates change). I don't really have a style. I am like you in one way for sure. I'm kinda in tune with the season. Notice I said "kind"!!! I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket so there's the rub. The house is totally out of tune. Each room is different but that's the way I like it. Debbie

dlh said...

style? I like to mix antiques with just about anything else. Just when I think I'm satisfied, I see a picture in a magazine or blog and I'm wanting to change everything. Kind of like my hair, first cut layers, then spend time growing them out to have a blunt cut, then layers. Right now I feel my house is too dark and want to change to lighten it up. I not only move furniture at home around I'm known for doing the same at our office.