Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Cloudy Day~

This was supposed to be a post for this morning~
This morning the skies were clouding up and I thought how nice it would be to get some rain to help the Spring planting. Then it dawned on me that I spent yesterday evening decorating my back patio with hopes to have some friends over for lunch this week and I hadn't taken a single picture.
Now I'm not a photographer so please pardon the photos I'm about to share with you.
Thanks to Theresa from Garden Antqs Vintage for assisting me with my computer problem today.
I do hope you enjoy the show!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday~


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Great job!! I bet you could have done it all on your own. Love your porch. What time did you say dinner was?

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

What? Those are great photos! I love the green plants off the white. Everything looks lovely. ~Mindy

DayleShockley said...

Very pretty patio.

Cher said...

If you're not a photographer, then I'm not a Texas! Those were great, Lisa!

The Texas Woman