Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Sweet To Recycle~

Greetings to all! Last night as I was thumbing through magazines I came upon this interesting project on recycling. This is from a copy of Crafts n'Things magazine in a section on "bragging writes", where you can write in and tell about your discovery on ideas, or like Kristine Kadlec from California wrote in about her neat little recycling project.
We all are recyclers of some sort, turning something old or used into something new and useful.
Here's her write up:

"Have you ever run out of ribbon in the middle of wrapping a present? If you have a large, empty candy bag-you're in good shape! My recycled ribbons are made from stips of paper cut from empty candy bags and curled with scissors. The strips of paper are threaded through a small piece of cardboard with four holes punched into it which has been covered with a small square of paper from the empty candy bag using Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)."
Ta Da!!! Bravo Kristine!

The ribbons are fun, easy and quick to make. This is a fun and "cheap" project to do with kids, and adults will like that they don't need to go and buy a ribbon that will probably be discarded. They're also environmentally friendly because you are recycling something people normally throw out-empty candy bags....who would've thought!
These would be cute to attach to party bags filled with candy-instead of just those little wire thingy's.
If you have any ideas or creations you'd like to share, here's your opportunity to show it off. Just send a description and photo(s) to:
Crafts n'Things - Bragging Writes
2400 E. Devon Ave., Suite 292
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Have a good day!

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Cottage Lifestyle said...

Thanks for sharing...I will definitely give this a try...I always have a bag of candy around the house.