Friday, January 30, 2009

Old Hollywood Glam 2~

Yesterday on my post "Old Hollywood Glam" I wrote about a late great legend in Hollywood...Audrey Hepburn. The glitz and glam of Old Hollywood Style and Decor is glamorous to me just like the films that Ms. Hepburn and so many other film legends starred in. The mirrored accessories along with all the silver, cream and white create a romantic mood in any room. Elegance and glamour are why this style is popular not only in decorating homes, but proms and weddings are also being done in this style today.

This vignette consists of a venetian style mirror reflecting the silver and gold leaf on the candlesticks and table lamp. I layered the feather boa, ostrich feathers and a lovely lace runner to give it texture, a pearlized shell along with a beaded headpiece to give it that "glam" look.
Get a closer look....

A close-up of the mirror and candlesticks

My favorite...a beaded headpiece

Ostrich feathers

And the beautiful reflection of a pearlized shell

My version of Old Hollywood Glam~ was the inspiration for this post and vignette.

Have a glamorous weekend!



trash talk said...

Veddy, veddy Hollywood Regency, dahlink! Debbie

Brigitte said...

Oooooh , I love it. Right up my alley. I thrift with these items in mind. I love Hollywood glamour and vintage style.